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Unlock access to worldwide professional coaches. Team Vitruvian class instructors have diverse expertise, personalities and passion for high quality, effective workouts.

Get a great workout anytime. Choose from a menu of convenient 10- to 30-minute sessions that focus on a variety of goals, muscle groups and tempos. Every class loads and unloads the perfect weight on every rep, just like in individual exercises and custom workouts.

Professional coaching


Professional coaching

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I’m a fitness athlete and personal coach passionate about fitness, health, nutrition, lifestyle, based in The Netherlands. With nearly half a million Instagram followers, I’m not your usual influencer. I was a three-time national junior gymnastics champion and am a NASM-certified personal trainer.

My area of expertise is hypertrophy and I enjoy everything from training glutes to shoulders! This is what I focus on in my classes, so you can join my “Grow your glutes” program and many more.

Featured Coach


Hey, Gerard here! Let’s go hard, get sweaty and make a bit of magic on the way. I’m a personal coach with one of the most popular programs in town. Hey, I just speak the truth 😉 I work with elite athletes and awesome group regulars and I’m here to take you to the pinnacle of health. Into weight loss, muscle building and legs, legs, legs? I’m your guy.

Featured Coach


You can call me V! I’m originally from Germany, now Head Coach at Vitruvian and based in Perth. I oversee all our training programs, but strength training for women is my particular expertise. Personally I am pursuing competition powerlifting.

You can join my upper and lower body strength classes as well as my grow your glutes and full body classes. They will always challenge you to go heavier and lift more. My Training philosophy is heavy and slow rather than rushed reps. It’s all about the rep quality and maximum time under tension, which is what I absolutely love about the Trainer+.

There is no other device that challenges you on both phases of the lift like the Trainer+ does.

Featured Coach


Yo, I’m Rush! My workout programs focus on strength and muscle endurance. Efficient movements that keep you limber and enhance the mind-body connection. I’m a professional integrative health coach and professional dancer, so you’ll find elements of calisthenics, breaking and mindfulness in my classes. Quality of life is always number one, aesthetics will follow.

Featured Coach


I’m from Perth and a qualified exercise physiologist, personal trainer, elite athletics coach (I used to represent Australia in pole vault!), yoga instructor and Pilates teacher. My primary focuses are HIIT, functional movement, gymnastics skills and flexibility.

I believe that variety is key – mixing up your training to include resistance alongside other activities and new skills encourages your body to keep progressing and your mental game to stay fresh. I love being part of Team Vitruvian because I believe it’s a revolutionary way to train. It’s so important to grow with new technology that challenges the human body. The future of training is with the Trainer+ because we can get better fitness results with less time commitment, but more focused muscle and system stimulus.

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