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Trainer+ (12 Months All Access Membership included)

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An entire digital home gym, all in one sleek platform. Patented technology that loads the perfect weight, guides your workout and tracks your progress.

  • 0-440lb(200kg) of digital weights.
  • Adaptive weights that rapidly adjust to challenge you, or retract where needed. 
  • Compact and portable to easily store under a bed or couch when not in use.
  • 300+ classes and goal-oriented programs, replacing the need for a personal trainer.
  • 200+ exercises to build customized workouts.
  • ‘Quick Connection System’ for easy interchanging of handles, straps and other accessories.
  • Multiple training modes including Pump, Time Under Tension, Old School and Eccentric Only for all phases of training.
  • Data tracking and performance insights to ensure consistent progress.

    Package includes:

    • Trainer+ 
    • 12 months all access membership with unlimited user profiles (see below for more benefits of membership)
    • Kick-off 1-on-1 coaching session to reach your goals
    • Accessories included: lightweight handles, ankle straps

    Voltage: US, Canada, and Japan orders will run on 110 volts. For the rest of the world, the Trainer+ runs on 220–240 volts.

    Max Power: 1000 Watts

    Weight of Device: 80lb/38kg

    Transport: Wheels and handle on one end

    Resistance Weight Range: 0lb/0kg to 440lb/200kg

    Connectivity: Bluetooth protocol; requires the Vitruvian App to function (compatible with Apple or Android)

    Materials: Extruded aluminum frame, carbon fibre shell

    Dimensions: 1170x520x115mm

    The All Access Membership is included in the upfront purchase price of the Trainer+. It provides 12-months access to premium features, including over 300 classes and goal-oriented programs, the ability to create and share workouts and full workout data and performance tracking. Along with access to new features and training modes as they are released.

    The membership is tied to the machine and hosts unlimited user profiles. So family and friends have access to all the app features and are able to train in line with their unique capability, past performance and individual fitness goals.

    If after 12 months you decide not to renew your All Access Membership your Trainer+ will still work and enable you to set your desired weight and train with adaptive digital weight. You will however lose access to premium features and new features as they are released.