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Jujimufu (Jon Call)

Meet Jon Call, also known as Jujimufu.

Jujimufu's journey started in Taekwondo but quickly transitioned into tricking – flips, twists, kicks, and more. Fast forward a few years, and he’d amassed one of the biggest online tricking communities in existence. 

As Jujimufu matured (thankfully his humor did not), he added bodybuilding and weightlifting to his repertoire. Deadlifts and squats became his new best friends, proving that flexibility and strength can be the ultimate power couple.

Remember those insane weighted chair split videos that took the internet by storm? Yeah, that was Jujimufu flexing (literally) in response to the perceived limitations of the human body.  

He even brought his talents to America's Got Talent, proving that defying physics can be seriously entertaining.

Jujimufu embodies the Vitruvian spirit of pushing boundaries and celebrating your full potential without restraint.. 

Combined with his humorous spirit, he was another natural choice for Team Vitruvian.