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Justin Gatlin

Meet Justin Gatlin, the most decorated 100m sprinter in World Championship history. 

2 World Champion titles, an Olympic gold (2004, 100m), and a staggering 12 World Championship medals overall.

Much like weight doesn’t simply appear out of thin air (although sometimes it feels like it), there’s far more to Justin’s successes than meets the eye. Fortunately for us, we’ve had the pleasure of delving deeper, ever since welcoming Justin to Team Vitruvian.  Justin gets it. 

It's more than just pushing your body to its limits (though he does this pretty darn well). It’s about sharpening your mental edge, that champion's mindset – the kind that separates the “I’ll do it tomorrows” from, well, the guy with a whole lot of gold medals.

It’s the kind of training we’re all about.

Pure, unadulterated hard work and discipline.

In strength training, it’s never about just one lift. For Justin, it's not only about the final race; it’s about the commitment to excellence in each and every step of the training process. 

We’re proud to have him as part of Team Vitruvian.