In 2023: Get Strong

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Efficient- complete strength training, delivered by one sleek platform & smart accessories. Helping you stick to your resolution.

Effective- technology that knows your body better than you. See more progress than ever before, in half the time.

Convenient- portable platform and intuitive app. Workout from the comfort of your home, whenever you like.

Complete gym

Access every weight- without all the bulky equipment.

The Trainer+ is the only complete home gym in the world, generating from 0-440lb (200kg) of digital weight. 

How? The Trainer+ uses artificial intelligence to adjust the weight to you in real time, giving you the most optimal workout.

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One app

The V app personalises, tracks and optimises your workout experience.

Access thousands of workouts including classes and programs created by world-class trainers.

Portable platform

The sleek platform is easy to store under a couch or bed. It doesn’t require any installation or assembly. Plug it in, log into the app and train.

Groundbreaking technology

The Trainer+ loads the perfect weight for you.

The intelligent resistance responds to you in real time, loading and deloading the optimal weight up to 1000 times per second.