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"With this product, all you have to do is select your workout. You don’t have to count reps, write down your progress in a notebook, change weights, or even pay too much attention to your technique. The technology does all of that for you."

"I loved that I could stash it out of sight under my couch instead of mounting it on my wall, and that I could program custom workouts from my strength training coach into the app to use alongside the preprogrammed classes."

"The Vitruvian Trainer+ isn’t just a basic piece of equipment. It’s a leading-edge personal training system that will transform and adapt your workouts every step of the way."

"Turn any space into a weight room with Vitruvian Trainer+, a smart, floor-based fitness machine that uses electromagnets to generate up to 440 lb. of resistance."

- Ranked #1 Manufacturing & Consumer Goods - 2022 AFR BOSS

"the V-Form’s ability to master both concentric and eccentric training effectively doubled my workout efforts in half the time"

" Featuring intelligent software that motivates, responds, and adapts to you, you have a whole gym at your fingertips."

"Where pain is your friend. The Vitruvian V Form home resistance trainer brings intelligence to home fitness workouts."

"Dubbed a whole gym in one, this smart and space-saving machine uses technology and resistance for multi-functional training."

"Vitruvian coach, Nikki Saadat, came by to visit us and give us a full feature demo of the new Vitruvian Trainer+, which is a fairly small portable strength device allows for weights as low as 0lbs and as high as 440lbs!"

" the biggest benefit would be in drop sets where switching weights is literally effortless as the machine learns to load weight just by pausing a hold."

"The Vitruvian Trainer+ gives you a huge range of workout options in a fitness device small enough to fit under your bed."

" It's pretty cool that it knows how much weight you can safely and effectively move at any given time, as you work out."

"using the V-Form Trainer is no joke – it really pushes hard and does not let you simply go through the motions."

"we were delighted to discover that the Trainer+ delivers an impressive weight range, going from 0kg all the way up to 200kg. Because the weights are concealed beneath the machine’s exterior, they seem to come out of thin air."

"you can just pop this quality, high-tech platform under your bed when you’re done. No noise. No mess. No complaints. So, what are you waiting for – do yourself a favour now!"

" If you’re sick of using boring free weights and other at-home workouts, Vitruvian Trainer+ is here to change the way we lift weights at home by building on everything the original V-Form Trainer brought to the table and then some."

" We can’t find any downsides to the Trainer+. It’s clear that Vitruvian understands what fitness fanatics want and knows how to help first-timers find their footing."

"The Vitruvian V-Form Trainer’s hardware is encased in a robust carbon fibre shell. I was pretty surprised by just how sturdy the machine was; I expected creaking sounds coming out of the platform when I stepped on it, but it stayed silent. Very impressed!"

Vitruvian’s Trainer+ is an all-in-one home gym that actually lives up to its promises

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Eric Hernandez
Tech Reviewer
Thurston Pym
Future Wellness
Jim Clarry
Personal Trainer
Lance Walker
VP Michael Johnson Performance
Mikey Nokeo & Alexa Towersey
Amy Green
USA Triathlon
Official Strength Training Partner