V-Form Trainer – Vitruvian

Product Overview

  • V-Form Trainer
  • Standard handles
  • Ankle straps
Voltage Runs on 220–240 volts. US orders will be shipped with a transformer (at no cost) for running on 110 volts.
Max power 1000 Watts
Weight of device 38 kg/80 lb
Transport Wheels and handle on one end
Resistance weight range 5kg/11lb (min.) up to 200kg/450lb)
Connectivity Bluetooth protocol; requires the Vitruvian App to function (compatible with Apple or Android)
Materials Extruded aluminum frame, carbon fibre shell
Dimensions 1170x520x115mm


Slim, lightweight and easy to store away


Up to 400lbs (180kg) resistance


Sleek carbon-fibre with charcoal and black finish


Supports various strength training modes


Track individual users’ performance data

V-Form Trainer


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Included Accessories

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