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Pure eccentric training

How is that possible?

Let us be clear. This is not a flash-in-the-pan empty promise. This is not a device destined for infomercial infamy. This is Vitruvian, and we are democratizing strength training.

While you can train purely concentrically with the Trainer+, the fact that it enables eccentric training is what takes training to a new level for everybody. It is how we are #RedefiningStrong.

What is eccentric training?

Eccentric training is repeated exercise that keeps your muscles in tension, or under load, during the eccentric phase.


The upwards/lifting phase of an exercise that contracts the muscle.


The downwards/lowering phase of an exercise that lengthens the muscle.

Eccentric training is


  • Because your muscles are engaged in both phases of the exercise, you are expending all energy with purpose. In other words, not dropping heavy weights to the floor in an uncontrolled manner.
  • Eccentric exercise is less metabolically demanding. You use less oxygen and energy than in a concentric movement, while exerting even greater force on the muscles.
  • You work harder without becoming aerobically fatigued. This also allows you to work your muscles more effectively, and for less time, to achieve better results.

Eccentric training is


  • When your muscles are in tension for 100% of the range of motion, your workout is significantly intensified.
  • We are naturally able to manage a greater weight load on the eccentric phase, so you can work out with heavier weights than you might otherwise be able to lift.
  • Research demonstrates that eccentric exercise can enhance hypertrophy (muscle growth) and increase fat-burning at rest (which is why rest and repair days are critical!).
  • The body’s natural mechanics make it is less susceptible to stress and strain during eccentric exercise. It is ideal for both injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Eccentric training is


  • Elite athletes, rehab specialists and and professional lifters have long known that eccentric training yields more muscle growth, decreases risk of injury and increases flexibility.
  • Normally, it relies on a partner or spotter to facilitate the concentric phase and load weight for the eccentric phase (as you read above, your capability on the eccentric phase is greater).
  • Now, the Trainer+ is your forever training partner. On-call wherever you set up, in lockdown or for the other 23 hours a day that you’re not with your PT in the gym.
  • Vitruvian's resistance revolution gives you a totally reliable spotter for every single lift, completely safe and with no risk of human error.