Form. Function. Intelligence

Vitruvian resistance technology is the future of fitness.

The better way to train? We know this is a challenging concept. You already have your way – and it gets results. Nothing wrong with that. You’ve been doing it the best way you can with the tools available.

But there’s everything right about demanding a new way to achieve your goals in less time, in a more controlled, connected and convenient way.

Our evolutionary resistance technology was developed with world-leading experts in health science, exercise research and professional training.

It is not about replacements or alternatives, it is about a fundamental evolution in the way that we can now push, nurture and train our bodies.

The Idea

Vitruvian founder Jon Gregory tells you more about the why, where Vitruvian started and where it’s headed.

Train smarter to live better

Why is vitruvian better?

Now, the very why, when and where you train can be met in a singularly more efficient, effective way.

That's why Vitruvian.

It’s time to update your goals for the new tools at hand.

The Tech

Revolutionary technology

Whatever you call it – resistance, strength training, weights – fundamentally, it hasn’t changed much since the dawn of time. Heavy thing, must lift it. Want to lift more? Find a bigger, heavier thing.

Vitruvian technology is about catalyzing rudimentary tools into the digital age. We live in a time of human–computer interaction, always pushing ourselves and our technology further.

The powerful algorithm at the core of the Vitruvian Trainer Stack eliminates the tangible heavy thing. The Trainer+ hardware and Vitruvian App software communicate to deliver perfectly measured, adaptive weight.

Only Vitruvian makes it possible to do nothing but dedicate pure focus on the exercise.

The Tech


The smart VT Stack reads the user’s tendencies and capabilities, creating a sublime (wo)man–machine relationship.

What a spotter aims to do for you in person, the Trainer+ achieves instantly and reliably. Weight-loading adapts to you in a matter of milliseconds. Not reaching the full range of motion? Weight eases off to get you there. Too easily achieving reps? No thanks, this is meant to be hard.

Rapid-response, ultra-fine performance data is pushed through to the Vitruvian App. Stored in your profile are insights on your personal fitness that until now have been untrackable.

When we talk about redefining strong, we’re talking about having reached a new frontier.