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Bounce Back Better: 5 Tried-and-Tested Recovery Methods with Hyperice

Bounce Back Better: 5 Tried-and-Tested Recovery Methods with Hyperice
Bounce Back Better: 5 Tried-and-Tested Recovery Methods with Hyperice

Alright, let's get real about fitness for a moment. We all love a good sweat session, right? 


Right. But listen up. 


It's not just about the sweat-soaked hours on the Trainer+ or the adrenaline-pumping runs. No, there's a whole hidden chapter to this story, a chapter where muscles rebuild, energy recharges, and the body truly transforms. 


We call it the 'recovery zone', and believe us when we say, it's just as vital as the fiery workout sessions.


Think of it this way: you can't run a car on empty, right? Similarly, the body needs its own recovery fuel. That's where some exciting news comes in... but we'll get to that later. 



Here at Vitruvian, we’re always trying to learn from the best of the best. So let’s review the tricks, the hacks, and the little-known secrets that keep the pros at the pinnacle of their game. 


Let’s get into it. 


Cryotherapy: Chilling Your Way to Recovery

So, here’s the scoop on cryotherapy. It's like stepping into the Ice Age, but intentionally forgetting a fur coat. The goal is to expose yourself to sub-zero temperatures, in order to reduce inflammation and soothe muscle soreness, both of which contribute to accelerated recovery times. 


Benefits of Cryotherapy:


  • Fast-tracks healing for soft tissue injuries.
  • Kicks your metabolism into overdrive.
  • Gives your mood a lift and kicks stress to the curb. 
  • Amps up your immune system.
  • Can result in improved quality of sleep. 


LeBron James and Lindsay Vonn swear by it. If it’s good enough for sports legends, it’s good enough for the rest of us, right?


We think so. To be honest, all we’re hearing is: quicker recovery = more time on the Trainer+. 


That’s a win, in our opinion. 


Ice Baths: Submerge and Soothe

Ah, the age-old icy dip. Similar to cryotherapy, you’re getting cold again, although this time instead of exposing yourself to sub-zero temperatures, you’re quite simply plunging in ice-cold water. This recovery method has been proven time and time again to kickstart a swift recovery process - an ideal method after obliterating your muscles through eccentric training!

Benefits of Ice Baths:


  • Reduces muscle pain and soreness. 
  • Accelerates the healing process.
  • Improves circulation, and removes toxins in the process.
  • Shrinks swelling and tissue drama.
  • Increases focus and mental clarity.


Ever wondered how Michael Phelps and Tom Brady keep their game strong? Ice baths— they’re all about ice baths. 


The Perfect Pairing: Trainer+ and Hypervolt 2


The Trainer+ provides a personalized training experience, while the Hypervolt 2 percussion massager helps accelerate recovery by:


  • Loosening tight muscles
  • Improving blood flow
  • Enhancing range of motion


Imagine this powerful duo working together: a challenging yet optimized workout on the Trainer+, followed by a relaxing Hypervolt 2 massage to melt away tension and prime your body for peak performance. 


That's the future of fitness within your reach. 



Massage Therapy: Kneading Away Tension

It’s like a spa day for your muscles, and if you ask us, it’s totally worth it. Especially after a full-body workout on the Trainer+. Therapists can be extremely beneficial to help you knead out the knots and address any built-up stress.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:


  • Reduces muscle pain and stiffness.
  • Enables greater flexibility. 
  • Can ease stress and anxiety.
  • Amps up the flow of the good stuff (blood and lymph).
  • Contributes to better sleep quality and duration.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Serena Williams know what’s up. They credit massage therapy for keeping them at the top of their game.


Compression Gear: Embracing the Squeeze

Compression gear helps to boost your blood flow, combat any muscle soreness, and ultimately, speed up your recovery post-sweat session – again, meaning you can spend more time killing it on the Trainer+.


Benefits of compression gear:


  • Supercharges the delivery of oxygen to your muscles.
  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • Fast-tracks your post-exercise recovery.
  • Contributes to increased muscle stability.
  • Lowers the risk of deep vein thrombosis.


Usain Bolt and Shalane Flanagan don’t just run fast; they recover fast with compression gear. Runner, lifter, or both, we should all be taking notes. 


Epsom Salt Baths: The Soothing Soak

Picture this: you, a warm bath, and Epsom salt. It’s a match made in muscle heaven. This combination soothes muscle soreness, relaxes your body, and gives your magnesium levels a vital boost.

Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths:


  • Reduces inflammation and puffiness.
  • Aids muscle cramps and stored tension.
  • Flushes out toxins. 
  • Promotes overall relaxation of the mind and body.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Jillian Michaels are not just fans; they're advocates of the calming Epsom salt soak.


So, ice bath or massage after your next brutal workout on the Trainer+? 


There’s no wrong answer! Each of these recovery methods is majorly beneficial to optimizing your strength training results. 


By weaving these techniques into your routine, you're tapping into the same strategies that the pros use to stay at the top of their game. 


Like we always say, lift like an athlete. But don’t forget to recover like one too.