Resistance training, evolved.

Cutting-edge technology gives you the smartest workout yet.

The power to deliver up to 440lb (200kg) all in one sleek package.

Strength training, totally reimagined.

The Trainer+  delivers the smartest, most efficient workout yet - for double the results in half the time. 

Adaptive technology allows multiple training modes, including Time Under Tension, Pump, Old School and Eccentric Only.

The Trainer+ is a revolutionary strength training device that delivers the smartest and most efficient workout yet, allowing you to achieve double the results in half the time. Its adaptive technology offers multiple training modes, such as Time Under Tension, Pump, Old School, and Eccentric Only. Each mode in our smart home gym system provides a unique workout experience, catering to various fitness goals and preferences. With the Trainer+, you can engage in strength training in a highly efficient and effective manner, making progress towards your fitness goals in no time.
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Built to last, easy to store.

The Trainer+ boasts a reinforced carbon fibre shell, ensuring its durability and longevity. Its slim design and recessed wheels make it easy to store safely and out of the way, without taking up too much space.

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Quick connectors

The Trainer+ features a custom-designed "quick connector system" that allows for easy, one-handed attachment of various handles, bars, straps, and accessories. This innovative home gym system ensures fast and safe connection, enabling you to seamlessly switch between exercises and accessories during your workout.