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Get a pro-level workout

A full body workout

The Trainer+ gives you all the strength training equipment you need.

The ability to do hundreds of exercises from the comfort of your own home.

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Adaptive training modes

The Trainer+ uses multiple intelligent training modes to let you workout in brand new ways. Utilize science-based methods to take your training to the next level.

Time Under Tension: It allows you to eccentrically overload, letting you reach your maximum in both concentric and eccentric, creating a more effective workout than traditional weights.

Pump: The faster you go, the higher the force, perfect for quick, cardio-like movements.

Eccentric Only: Weight-loading only on the lowering phase of an exercise.

Old School:You set the desired weight and train like you would with metal weights.

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Train harder, safer

The Trainer+ uses 3 unloaded reps to measure your range. When the weight loads, if you are unable to complete a rep and go out of this range, the weight completely de-loads.

This enables you to push your max on your own, safely. Never get stuck under a barbell again.

The power of eccentric

The Trainer+ lets you train eccentrically without the need for a spotter.

Choose 'Eccentric Only' mode for weight-loading only on the lowering phase or 'Timer under Tension' mode to overload in the lowering phase and keep your muscles engaged in the lifting phase.

This can help you reach the next level as you work hard against smart resistance.

Applying no resistance to the concentric lift, adaptive weight comes on where you're strongest - the eccentric phase.