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FAQ's - Check out our FAQs below. Can't find the answer you need? Reach out to our customer support team.
FAQ's - Check out our FAQs below. Can't find the answer you need? Reach out to our customer support team.

The Trainer+

You’ll never feel as connected to your muscles as you do with the Trainer+.  The mechanism maintains mechanical tension throughout the whole range-of-motion, ensuring your muscles are actually moving the weight - no more relying on momentum!

Depending on the demands of your workout, you can select from a range of “Adaptive” and “Non-Adaptive” training modes, which vary how the machine will apply load to your body.

Non-Adaptive training modes keep the weight constant - you either can, or cannot, move it. 

Adaptive modes are a little more forgiving and super intuitive. It feels like the machine is alive and constantly spotting you. We use algorithms which adapt the weight to your capabilities. So whether you’re working on skill development, or your muscles are hitting fatigue sooner than usual, the machine calculates at 40 times per second, what weight is appropriate for you at any given time.

We’re always evolving and releasing new modes to take our Member’s training to the next level, to check out the our available core modes in more detail click here.

The weight is generated by motors and drives which run using sophisticated algorithms. The algorithms are high speed at 40hz, adjusting the weight about 40 times per second based on your lifting. It is very smooth as humans can’t typically notice more than 10-20 adjustments per second.

Yes, the machine can standardise all the exercise movement categories (ie, squat, deadlift, bench, etc) to your current strength level to ensure you’re lifting weight that is suitable for you. 

Simply calibrate the machine using the “Strength Assessment” and the machine will take care of the rest until you retest again. To complete the Strength Assessment successfully, please remember to move fast through your reps. The assessment isn’t like your typical 1-rep max test - the machine calculates your strength by how much power you can produce concentrically (in the upward phase) - hence the reminder to move fast each time you come up in your reps.

Another method for the machine to calibrate as your strength improves is through our ‘Scaled Workout’ toggle - which can be switched on in the edit screen of your custom workout. When switched on, the machine auto-calculates the percentage of weight you have selected, against your logged PB for that exercise. Knowing this percentage, each time you unlock a heavier weight, the machine will automatically increase the weight for all the exercises.

When under tension, the Trainer+ starts at 8lb / 4kg and can be adjusted upwards as it learns how strong you really are.

Once you have proven to the machine (via the Strength Assessment) that you can lift up to a specific weight, it will not let you select more than that weight as you have never lifted it before. This is a safety feature to ensure that nobody accidentally lifts more than they have ever done.

The machine will not let you select more weight for a given exercise movement category when it has no log of you performing that weight; this out-of-the-box feature is for the safety of our users.

To prove to the machine that you are stronger than 44lb / 20kg, simply refer to “Will the machine adapt to my strength level?”

Weight: The machine weighs around 65lb / 30kg but comes with two wheels and a handle for easy transport and moving around.

Size: 44 x 20 x 5in / 117 x 52 x 12cm

Maximum length of the ropes: 10ft / 3m

It works straight out of the box – no installation required.

The weight limit per handle is currently set at:

Original V-Form: ~90 kgs – for 20 seconds

Trainer+: ~100kgs

It is a thermal load constraint. 90kgs/100kgs feels heavier than static weight as you have no momentum to get through rough sections in the range of motion.

The machine is designed to be able to hold a 330lb / 150kg human on it.

Our classes can range from 10 to 40 minutes in duration, but you can design your own workouts to follow in your own time too!

One of the amazing benefits of the V training system is that it maintains tension in your muscles no matter where you are in your range-of-motion. This eliminates the chance of using momentum - you know what it’s like when you’re down to the last few reps of bicep curls, sometimes your legs need to help bounce that weight up to help your burning biceps.

With each rep efficient in ensuring your target muscles are doing all the work, the V training system reduces the risk of “cheating” reps and will have you questioning whether you can handle another rep, let alone another set, of the exercise.

Because of how efficient your muscles are working, you can now get away with shorter workouts than what you would typically experience in the traditional gym. Get a more effective workout, in less time!

It does not film you and see what you are doing exactly - but our coaches have a range of tutorials so that you can learn how to lift efficiently and safely.

When training using our Adaptive modes, the machine knows when you are lifting too much (or too little) and adjusts the load accordingly. With the machine taking care of the suitable load for you, this allows you the ability to focus on keeping correct form.

Yes, the platform requires power and works with every standard power plug. It requires 1000 Watts at its absolute max, usually a lot less.

It is designed to be stored in an upright position and can be trolleyed into place to fit under your table, couch and/or bed to be stored easily. 

Storing it on its side panel (LED sides) is done so at your discretion. We do not recommend this for the safety of your pets, little ones and much loved objects and flooring. When it is stored on its side, it is suggested to have something sturdy surrounding it so it cannot be knocked over accidentally.

When coupled with the Vitruvian bench, bar and other attachments, the Trainer+ allows you to do a range of pullovers.

Designs and prototypes for accessories that complement vertical pulling movement are in motion, with the specific rule to seamlessly integrate with your Trainer+. Once they’re ready for release, we’ll exclusively let our members know for a limited amount of time before launching it to the wider community.

Absolutely! Check out our Locations page, which is constantly being updated as we grow, and find a Trainer+ near you!

All Access Membership

The All Access Membership is included in the upfront purchase price of the Trainer+.

It provides 3 months access to premium features:

- A library of over 300 classes and goal-oriented programs designed by our coaches.

- The ability to create and share workouts

- Full workout data and performance tracking. 

- Exclusive access to new features and evolving training modes as they are released.

The membership is tied to the machine and hosts unlimited user profiles. So family and friends have access to all the app features and are able to train in line with their unique capability, past performance and individual fitness goals.

*applicable to orders made from 11/10/2022

The All Access Membership is included in the upfront purchase price of the Trainer+. It provides 3 months access to premium features. When your 3 months is up, you can either switch to a monthly basis or purchase a Lifespan All Access Membership Upgrade to enjoy your membership access for longer.

After the initial 3 months the monthly price per region is:
US: $39
UK: £29
EU: €34
AU: $49 AUD
CA: $49 CAD
SG: $49 SGD

If after 3 months you decide not to renew your All Access Membership your Trainer+ will still work and enable you to set your desired weight and train with adaptive digital weight. You will however lose access to premium features and new features as they are released.

Yes, you can! Only one active All Access Membership is required to activate a Trainer+. For as long as your All Access Membership is active, you can have as many members using the hardware as you like for no additional cost. All they need is the Vitruvian app on their own device (phone, tablet, TV app), with their own profile.

- Download the Vitruvian App (or ensure you are updated to the very latest app versions on iOS or Android)

- Go to

- Ensure you are using the same login method you are currently using in the app (i.e. sign-in with Google if that’s how you usually log in to the app)

- Copy your Machine Number and add it to the website

- Open the Vitruvian app and connect to your machine in the “Trainer” tab at the bottom right corner

To locate your machine number simply open your Vitruvian app and connect your machine. Click the ‘Trainer’ tab (bottom right hand corner) and your machine serial number will be displayed under ‘Trainer’

If you’re locked out for the All Access Membership features, it is likely that it is due to a typo in the machine serial number when you first registered your machine. 

Simply log into your account via and double check the machine serial number is correct. If you need assistance with this, please contact our support team at

Modes & Workout Options

A ‘Non-Adaptive’ mode, the machine will not adjust to your capabilities as your tempo/pace changes - therefore, if you are weak in a particular part of the rep, it will be difficult to complete.

How fast/slow should I move: Because the weight is static, you can move slow or fast - but because of the intensity of efficient tension, we recommend steady and controlled 

What does this mean for your training: Great for increasing your strength (the way up/shortening of muscles) and can help improve technique deficiencies throughout your range-of-motion. Old School can also help with hypertrophy (building muscle).

Advanced Training Toggle Options:

> Switch on Regression/Progression: each rep will decrease/increase by 1, 2 or 3kg 

Goal-Specific Recommendations

Body Sculpting: 10 - 15 rep range @ 40-50% of PB

Muscle Building: 8 - 12 rep range @ 50-70% of PB

Strength Building: 2 - 4 rep range @ 70-90% of PB

An ‘Adaptive’ mode, the machine will adjust the weight according to how slow/fast you move.

How slow/fast should I move? Slow pace with a controlled tempo throughout. 

What does this mean for your training: This mode helps your body maintain mechanical tension throughout the whole range of motion, making each rep efficient and effective in helping you reach your goals.

Advanced Training Toggle Options:

> Switch on Regression/Progression: each rep will decrease/increase by 1, 2 or 3kg 

> Switch on Beast: increase the speed of Progression at the top of each rep & increase the time spent at the bottom of the rep (to deload).

If neither of the above toggles are turned on, the selected weight is your maximum resistance 

Goal-Specific Recommendations

Body Sculpting: 10 - 15 rep range @ 50-70% of PB

Muscle Building: 8 - 12 rep range @ 60-70% of PB

Strength Building: 3 to 8 rep range @ 70-90% of PB

A ‘Non-Adaptive’ mode, the weight is added to the downward phase of the exercise (where muscles lengthen under resistance/load). There is no resistance in the concentric (upward lifting) phase. The selected resistance is the maximum weight you’ll experience.

How slow/fast should I move? Pause at the top and wait for the machine to load - fight to control the resistance on the eccentric (lowering portion)

What does this mean for my training: Great for injury prevention as you maximise resistance with less strain on the joints. Perfect for building up strength and hypertrophy (growing muscle).

Advanced Training Toggle Options:

> No Regression or Progression Option 

Goal-Specific Recommendations

Body Sculpting: 10 - 12 rep range @ 60-70% of PB

Muscle Building: 8 - 12 rep range @ 70-80% of PB

Strength Building: 2 - 4 rep range @ 85-90% of PB

As an ‘Adaptive’ mode, speed and velocity is key so that the machine loads up to the weight you have selected. The faster you drive up, the closer you will get to the set’s resistance.

How slow/fast should I move? Fast 

What does this mean for your training: Great for high rep metabolic conditioning, low rep power/explosive training, or sweaty HIIT sessions.

Advanced Training Toggle Options:

> Switch on Regression/Progression: each rep will decrease/increase by 1, 2 or 3kg 

Goal-Specific Recommendations

Body Sculpting: 10 - 15 rep range @ 40-60% of PB

Muscle Building: 8 - 12 rep range @ 60-70% of PB

Strength Building: 2 - 4 rep range @ 80-90% of PB

Each rep will get heavier over the duration of the set

You can choose whether to add 1, 2 or 3kg everytime you pause at the top and let the weight load

How should I move? Pause at the top of each rep to add the extra weight

What does this mean for your training: Safely progress your strength for that exercise one rep at a time

Goal-Specific Recommendations

Body Sculpting: 10 - 15 rep range @ start at 50-60% of PB

Muscle Building: 8 - 12 rep range @ start at 60-70% of PB

Strength Building: 2 - 6 rep range @ start at 70-90% of PB

Each rep will get lighter over the duration of the set

You can choose whether to remove 1, 2 or 3kg every time you reach the top position 

How should I move? Pause at the top of each rep to deload the weight

What does this mean for your training: You can now perform regression sets 

With the Regression toggle, you can perform your usual heavy sets-reps and add extra sets that lower by 1, 2 or 3kg each rep - helping you fatigue the muscle and reach failure; almost like why you would program drop sets into your workouts.

Drop sets are an advanced technique where you perform an exercise at lower weight after fatiguing at heavier weight, pursuing more-and-more reps until your muscles reach absolute failure. 

Drop sets maximise your time under tension for a longer period of time than if you did your usual sets and reps - having minimal-to-no rest is required. 

In a traditional gym environment, you would perform an exercise at a heavy weight and keep repping till you reach failure at that weight. Once you reach failure, you lower the load and start moving again straight away, and continue repeating this process until you cannot move anymore.

If you were completing drop sets at the gym, you would be limited to pin-loaded machines to quickly lower the weight of each set, or need the assistance of 2 spotters to un-rack your weight plates. With the Regression toggle, your Trainer+ is your spotter!

If you’re new to drop sets, here is how you can start:

- Pick the exercise you would like to perform a drop set. 
We recommend starting with 1 exercise per muscle group, once per week. 

> On the last usual set of your exercise, lower the rest period to 0.

> Add another set of the same exercise.

- Starting load: trial the weight you have programmed in your usual heavier sets-reps (you can adjust it after you get a feel for it).

- Mode: Time Under Tension

- Switch on the Regression toggle to 1,2, or 3kg.

> Switch on the ‘Autoplay’ toggle and begin your workout.

> Complete the usual heavier sets-reps in your session.

> Complete the drop set straight after without rest.

Example: Say you want to add a drop set to your Bench Press. Usually, you have 3 sets of 10 reps at 30kg (each cable) programmed once per week. 

> Press ‘Edit’ to edit the workout.

> Scroll to the Bench Press exercise.

> Select the 3rd set of 10 reps and reduce the rest period to 0.

> Add a 4th Bench Press set of 10 at 30kg.

> Select ‘Time Under Tension’ mode.

> Switch on the ‘Regression’ toggle and select 1, 2 or 3kg.

> Save the edit

> Switch on the ‘Autoplay’ toggle and begin your workout.

After you have had a feel for it, add as many sets to the end of your usual work until you reach absolute failure.

Goal-Specific Recommendations:

Muscle Building: 10 - 20 rep range @ start at 70-90% of PB

This is designed for the wild-and-spicy. Beast has two specific functions: loading up weight fast, and deloading weight slowly.

This toggle will increase the speed at which the weight is loaded, so when you pause at the top of the rep, the weight will ramp up faster. Therefore, make sure you are bracing properly so that you can handle the fast-loading of weight.

What does this mean for your training: great for hand-grip strength and core stability. 

It will also slow down the automatic spotter, so when you pause at the bottom to deload the weight, the weight will decrease slower. Therefore, you must brace at the bottom position and wait longer for the weight to get lighter

What does this mean for your training: by pausing for a period of time, you are performing an isometric hold, which is great for building up strength in the weakest position of an exercise, as well as improving tendon health and strength.

You have the ability to scale your custom-built workouts as you get stronger. This means, every time you hit a new PB (personal best), the weight will automatically increase in your custom built workouts where ‘Scaled Workout’ is switched on - saving you time from having to manually adjust the weight for every exercise, every time you unlock heavier weight.

How the machine scales according to the percentage (%) of your PB:

For example, if your Bicep Curl PB is 10kg and you create a workout consisting of a 7kg Bicep Curl, with Scaling enabled, the machine auto-calculates this as 70% of your PB. 

Down the line, when you achieve a new PB, say 20kg, next time you do the workout the Bicep Curl will default to 14kg - 70% of your new 20kg PB.

Are you finding the weights in classes and programs not challenging enough, or too challenging, and you would like to change the intensity? 

You can now increase or decrease the difficulty of the whole class/workout in one go by adjusting the Difficulty slider from ± 20% – meaning you can increase or decrease the weight by up to 20%.

While the Difficulty slider will automatically change the weights for all the exercises in your session, you can still click on individual exercises to change the load if need be.

This feature is also available on the Vitruvian TV App. 

This only applies to the session you are currently doing, it will not be remembered if you wish to repeat this session at another time.

For example, a workout consisting of a 10kg bicep curl, when scaled up 10%, would become 11kg.

By measuring your current strength capabilities, you’ll get the most out of your Vitruvian training. 

Strength Assessment tests your strength for a specific exercise movement, and unlocks the weight for the whole movement category. The 12 movements you can use Strength Assessment to unlock are:

- Deadlift

- Squat

- Unilateral Leg

- Bench Press

- Row

- Shoulder Press

- Chest Isolation

- Glute Isolation

- Bicep Isolation

- Tricep Isolation

- Shoulders Isolation

- Hamstring Isolation

You will have 3 attempts to assess your strength for each movement. If you do not wish to assess a particular movement, select ‘Skip’ to move onto the next. If you do not wish to attempt the assessment for the whole 3 attempts, you can also select ‘Skip’ to move on. 

Once you have unlocked the weight for a specific movement category, your machine will recommend an optimal default resistance and will continue to unlock weight as you progress – plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than looking back on where you first started.

You can either do the Strength Assessment as a guided class (in the ‘Coaching’ tab) or in your own time under the ‘Workout’ tab in the Vitruvian app.

To get the best results out of the Strength Assessment, you need to lift fast – really push the concentric phase (upward motion) of your lifts. It works similar to Pump mode: the faster you go up, the more resistance you will get.

Other FAQs

If you aren’t satisfied with your Vitruvian purchase, simply email within 30 days of delivery advising us that you would like to return it.

To successfully claim a 30-day Home Trial return, we will need to have confirmed the following:

You have completed an Onboarding Session with one of our coaches,

Have kept the entire original packaging, and

The machine and accessories are in original as-new condition*.

Further details on our Return Policy can be found in our Terms of Service here.

*as-new condition - the product must be undamaged and received in our warehouse in its original packaging.

Home Use: Extended warranty of 2 years in UK, USA, Canada, EU and Australia 

Commercial Use: 12 months

Warranties are not transferable. See our warranty and check your eligibility in our Terms of Service here.

It shouldn’t require regular maintenance, as the electro-mechanical components are similar to that of a washing machine, or other consumer electronics devices.

We would expect this to last for a long time; the components are robust and we are using an experienced contract manufacturer of other premium exercise equipment, so are confident in the quality. 

Should your machine present with any fault, the machine will push this information to our technical team’s fault database. Most fault codes can be easily troubleshooted remotely through an online service call with one of our engineers. 

We’re keen to help bring your training to the next level using the Vitruvian training system, so if your machine has major issues, simply reach out to our support team (or through our chatbot Virtual Assistant Damo) and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

You can find more information on our Warranty in our Terms of Service.