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Get stronger, smarter.

The power of eccentric

The Trainer+ lets you train eccentrically without the need for a spotter.

Choose ‘Eccentric Only’ mode for weight-loading only on the lowering phase or ‘Time under Tension’ mode to overload in the lowering phase and keep your muscles engaged in the lifting phase.

This can help you reach the next level, as you work hard against smart resistance.

Applying no resistance to the concentric lift, adaptive weight comes on where you’re strongest – the eccentric phase.

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Multiple training modes

In this full body workout machine, you will get different training modes to help you keep your workouts interesting and challenging.   

Time Under Tension: It allows you to eccentrically overload, letting you reach your maximum in both concentric and eccentric, creating a more effective workout than traditional weights.

Pump: The faster you go, the higher the force, perfect for quick, cardio-like movements.

Eccentric Only: Weight-loading only on the lowering phase of an exercise.

Old School: You set the desired weight and train like you would with metal weights.

Deep dive into your performance

The Trainer+ smart workout equipment offers the ability to measure force, position, and velocity during individual movements. This allows you to track your progress and identify areas for improvement, reducing the risk of injury and optimising your training. The system is perfect for a deep dive into your performance, revealing opportunities to level up and improve technique.