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The Trainer+ Makes An Appearance at the Olympia World Fitness Expo

The Trainer+ Makes An Appearance at the Olympia World Fitness Expo
The Trainer+ Makes An Appearance at the Olympia World Fitness Expo

At the Olympia World Fitness Expo 2023, fitness enthusiasts from all over the world united to celebrate and admire some of the most impressive bodybuilding physiques in the sport — a display of the complete dedication that these athletes direct towards their goals. 

When it comes to maximizing our collective potential, we share the same mindset as many of these athletes. And so it only made sense that we appear at one of the biggest fitness events of the year, sharing a stand with Reign Energy, another brand that respects performance optimization as much as we do. 

On the bustling expo floor amidst numerous fitness aficionados, we welcomed legends like Kai Greene, Jujimufi, and Thor, to join us at the Reign Energy booth to experience the power of the Trainer+ firsthand.

As usual, the Trainer+ caused an absolute scene (in the best way possible!), captivating the crowd with its weight-loading prowess and rapid ability to adapt to the individual. 

Hundreds of guests, all titans of strength, muscle, and sheer determination, gathered to witness our revolutionary digital resistance system in action. 

From bodybuilders to athletes, everyone got a little taste of the future of fitness. You can too, at your nearest demo location. We're gearing up for an action-packed 2024, so if you can’t find a location near you, watch this space. 

We’re about to take over the globe. 

How can we be so confident? The positive response from major bodybuilders, similar to CrossFit athletes, certainly helps. But it’s also the adoption of our machine into their training regimen. This, as well as their impeccable results, confirms that we’re onto something. And hey, we’re not stopping here. 

After all, the Trainer+ is more than just a machine—it's a testament to science and innovation. The Trainer+ introduces digital resistance, which is shifting the way everyday and elite athletes approach their training.

With every month that goes by, the world is starting to train smarter. 

With adaptive technology that reads your movement 1000 times per second, the Trainer+ adjusts resistance instantly to suit your capabilities. It enables more than just standard lifting. Now, you can perform precise, targeted eccentric training – focusing on the phase of muscle contraction when the muscle lengthens under tension. 

Why does it matter that you harness this phase? Well, we all have greater capacity for load during this phase. So if we’re not doubling down on the eccentric phase, we’re certainly leaving gains on the table. 

By harnessing digital weight, the Trainer+ provides that extra edge—one that athletes and fitness enthusiasts crave to push their limits and reach new heights. 

It’s no wonder the Trainer+ caught such widespread attention from pro bodybuilders at the Olympia this year. To these athletes, finding ways to become just 1% better can be make-or-break. 

The Trainer+ is a seamless, smart solution for maximizing untapped, often undiscovered gains.

If you’d like the opportunity to try it for yourself, keep your eyes peeled for our next event—your opportunity to experience our cutting-edge technology is right around the corner. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.