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Vitruvian Trainer+ review: The ultimate home gym solution?

Vitruvian Trainer+ review: The ultimate home gym solution?
Vitruvian Trainer+ review: The ultimate home gym solution?

GadgetGuy.com.au, Australia’s leading, oldest and largest consumer lifestyle/technology demystifyer’s review of our Vitruvian Trainer+  landed on 04/10​/2023.

The review begins by reminding us that -“Resistance based training is an essential ingredient to a long and healthy life, with benefits including increased muscle mass, bone health, improved metabolism, better posture and balance”.

It highlights - “However, not everyone knows how to weight train, has the time, or is even comfortable going to a gym. And having a home gym requires the equipment, a place to exercise and somewhere to store it all when you’re done”.

Could our Perth-based fitness tech company Vitruvian offer the solution with the Trainer+?

 Let’s see...

“An all-body resistance-based training machine that enables you to lift weights without the weights”

Scoring an impressive overall 8.6 the review recognizes our Vitruvian Trainer+ improves on it’s previous incarnation with a lighter, “stylish, compact and sturdy design”,  “updated, smoother and quieter motors” and “plenty of software updates”. The new training classes and trainers via the App are welcome additions too.

Here’s a delve into some of what GadgetGuy has to say, having already used our first generation of the Trainer, The V Form, for around two years, and now focusing mainly on what’s new:

“Much different than a traditional cable machine, the Trainer+ uses special sensors and software to control the motors rather than weights at the end of strings. The Trainer+’s motors and pulleys can deliver a total resistance of 440 pounds or about 200 kilos. Call it adaptive, algorithmic or AI, the Trainer+ senses and adapts to your body’s movements, loading and de-loading the weight for each rep.”

The review appreciates that with our Quick Connection system, for affixing attachments, there’s no more fumbling with carabineers, and with the base being just 12cm, and easy to lift up on its wheels and move around, it can be rolled under a sofa or bed when not in use.

Exploring the Trainer +’s versatility and “improved App” the reviewer comments that there areover 300 classes and 200 exercise movements to keep you challenged”, using both adaptive and non adaptive training modes, featuring knowledgeable trainers, each with their own personality and exercise focus”.

We appreciate that the cost is singled out as a serious consideration, in what is a predominantly glowingly positive review. With good advice, ownership, it is suggested, “should be considered in the context of what a gym membership might be for those who want to train at home for the long term”.

In conclusion GadgetGuy tells us:

 “At the end of the day, what I really love about the Trainer+ is that it gives me the ability to do resistance weight training at home without the mess and expense of having my own home gym. It’s easy to pull out and use, leaving me a few excuses to not work out, even if it’s getting late. I also really love its advanced training modes, meaning I can smash out a workout in around 20 minutes and really feel the effects the next day. And lastly, I don’t need a spotter to handle heavier weights, especially when squatting. All up, I’ve exercised more frequently than I ever did with just a gym membership.”

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