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Chris Holt

Meet Chris Holt.

This certified weight loss coach understands that weight loss goes far beyond your physical appearance — and so too does the power of fitness. In fact, it’s a game-changer for shifting the mood and elevating your mental state. 

Chris has been in the coaching game for over 15 years, and by all means, you can tell.  

Chris knows exactly how to turn fitness into fun, an approach that’s proven more sustainable, and effective for both himself and those he inspires. He’s been admirably open about his mental health battles, and the role that fitness has played in helping him overcome fluctuating confidence or lack of direction. In his own words:

“I have failed more times than I can actually remember. But we must start looking at failure in a positive light. Failure is THE best educator. The goal is to never quit.”

That's what makes Chris a perfect fit for Vitruvian. 

We're strong believers that passion, accessibility, and relentless determination are vital for achieving results. Much like Chris, we won’t give up, because the rewards of persistence are invaluable.