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Guusje Van Geel

Meet Guusje van Geel.

Guusje isn't here for the fake poses and endless editing. This Dutch dynamo is a real-life athlete with a background in gymnastics, dancing, and ballet – basically, a walking testament to the power of hard work.

From age 6, she dominated the Dutch gymnastics scene, reaching the pinnacle with effortless grace (accompanied by a whole lot of grit). 

But gymnastics wasn't enough.  She craved a different kind of challenge, a way to unleash the raw power simmering beneath the surface.

Strength training.

Today, she believes in building a strong foundation through strength-training that she can apply to everything she does thereafter, whether that’s learning a new skill or trying her hand at another form of training entirely. 

Guusje embodies the power of dedication, a killer attitude, and adaptability. Her journey shows how these qualities can transform not just your body and mind, but your entire life. 

That's our ethos in action.

We're thrilled to have this Dutch powerhouse on Team Vitruvian.