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The V-FOrm

The monthly membership fee activates a V-Form Trainer and Vitruvian App subscription, unlocking the entire current range of features and benefits, and all future new features.

Only one active membership is required for each V-Form Trainer. This means that unlimited additional users can work out on the activated hardware using the App with their own profile.

The V-Form Trainer will work without a membership and still give you a better workout than all the dumbbells, kettlebells and cable machines in the world (and those you can’t fit under your bed!). You will feel the adaptive weight and eccentric overloading, however, your workouts will all be self-directed.

It’s the membership that gives you access to all class and form content, custom workout creation, goal-oriented programs, data tracking and performance insights, leaderboard activity, team building, games and more.

Yes, you can! Only one active membership is required to activate a V-Form Trainer. For as long as the monthly membership is paid, you can have as many subscribers using the hardware as you like for no additional cost. All they need is the Vitruvian App on their own device, with their own profile.

Anyone can download the Vitruvian App for free. In order to work out and access the full range of features, you just need to connect to an activated V-Form Trainer.

A V-Form Trainer is activated by a monthly membership that is normally paid by the owner, but can be taken care of by anyone. Only one membership is required per machine. It can have as many users as you like and they simply access all the features via the Vitruvian App on their device, with their own profile, for no cost.

The Vitruvian monthly membership is $39USD, $49AUD or an equivalent in your country. Visit the Shop page for more information or contact us via or the chat box at the bottom of your screen.

  • Weight: The machine weighs around 30kg / 65lb but comes with two wheels and a handle for easy transport and moving around the house.
  • Size: It is 117 cm x 52 x 12 cm, 44 x 20 x 5 inch 
  • Maximum length of the ropes: 10Ft / 3m

The weight limit per handle is currently set at ~90 kgs – for 20 seconds – we will probably end up limiting it to this. It can go higher (100 kgs+) but for shorter time periods. It is a thermal load constraint. 90kgs feels heavier than static weight as you have no momentum to get through rough sections in the range of motion.

The machine is designed to be able to hold a 330lb (150kg) human on it.

Yes the platform requires power. However, it works with every standard power plug. 

It requires 1000 Watts at its absolute max, usually a lot less.

We are sure you’re going to love your V-Form Trainer. We are so sure, we’ll offer you a full refund for 14 days from date of delivery. If you are not satisfied, we will accept the return but will require you to pay the return shipping, and the V-Form Trainer must be in virtually new condition and in original packaging.

Vitruvian Form comes with a limited parts and labor warranty. Labor is covered for one year. Other electronics, and wear items are covered for two years. The frame and other mechanical parts are covered for three years. Warranties are not transferable.

It shouldn’t require regular maintenance, as the electro-mechanical components are not particularly complicated, think of it as a washing machine or other consumer electronics device.

We would expect this to last for a long time, the components are robust and we are using an experienced contract manufacturer of other premium exercise equipment, and so are confident in the quality. Should it break, we would either send a repair person to fix it (like you would a washing machine) or have it replaced, should it not be fixable.

We will set up agreements with networks of repair people, similar to how you would get a washing machine fixed should it break. The components are robust and aren’t too complicated, and shouldn’t break, and should be easy to repair if they do.

In any case, Vitruvian Form comes with a limited parts and labor warranty. Labor is covered for one year. Other electronics, and wear items are covered for two years. The frame and other mechanical parts are covered for three years. Warranties are not transferable.

Yes it can be, however it is designed to fit under your table / couch / bed to be stored easily. 

When storing on the side it is suggested to have something behind and infront of it so it can’t accidentally be knocked over.

It works straight out of the box – no installation required.

  • Bench/bar and other attachments allow you to do a range of bent over rows, reverse flys etc
  • We are building a custom bench that allows for rows and pull downs – The mechanism is still in design, but the idea is to have a rod with a pulley on the end that can be extended from the head section of the bench and you can run one of the cables through it. So horizontal chest flies are unlikely but wood chops and seated rows should be fine. – we should be able to do most things Tonal can do. 
  • As a separate model to be released next year, we are also building individual cable spools that you can install anywhere – they are a bit further off, but you could bolt them into a wall or a cage. Or even replace the selectorized weight stack in any gym machine – that will be quite disruptive. They will work in conjunction with the platform.

The machine feels like it is alive and constantly pushes you, using algorithms which adapt the weight to your capabilities. There are a number of workout modes that allow you to focus on different advanced training modalities. It feels very different from fixed weight training. You can do:

  • Progressive overload
  • Velocity targeting (isokinetic)
  • Eccentric overload or eccentric only
  • Concentric only
  • Fixed weight
  • Adaptive weight

With the app, you can set how close to failure you want to change by tweaking the algorithm settings and it remembers your previous workouts and starts you at your last lifted weight for a particular movement. You can also see your progress over time on the App for each type of movement. It tracks max and average of the concentric & eccentric phase of the lift

You can set the weight with the App – but, the best experience is to let the device choose the weight for you. It adapts to how you are lifting about 40x per second using a high frequency algorithm  – it is a very cool experience :)

The device streams to a smart TV with chromecast or apple TV, but I just typically use my phone or tablet as I don’t really need to follow along. Classes however are better on a TV.

The weight is generated by motors and drives which run using quite sophisticated algorithms. Jon, the inventor used to be a high frequency trader,  so these algorithms are high speed at 40 hz, so adjusting the weight about 40 times per second based on your lifting. It is very smooth as humans can’t really notice more than 10-20 adjustments per second.

Yes the weight is adaptive, variable. At the highest level, once the resistance is in software we can do a lot of things with it and have a whole suite of training algorithms in development. Our vision is to provide advanced level training through our classes – delivered in a simple way so that it is easy for the average person to access this type of training.

Eccentric overload: automatically increases the weight during the eccentric phase of motion and reduces it during the concentric phase, if you are struggling to lift the weight that you have, it recognises this and reduces the weight until you can get it up. This mode also increments you each rep until you start to struggle, then backs off to find your weight. If you want to go a bit lighter than you max, you can do this through pausing at the bottom of a range of motion – This is the main training algorithm in use today

Vitruvian  will start at up to 15kg on each side to begin with. However you can change the settings and increments to ramp up quickly. This means when you are starting on 15kg, the next rep could be up to 20kg, 30lg etc. ea side. Once you have reached let’s say 100kg with an exercise. The V-Form will let you select any weight between 0-100kg to start with. It does not let you select 100kg if you have never lifted 100kg on the device before. This is a safety feature so no one can accidentally lift more than they have ever done if that makes sense?

It does not film you and see what you are doing exactly. However, it knows when you are lifting too much / too little and adjusts everything accordingly. This helps you to keep correct form. Our tutorials and video content also helps you with performing exercises safely and correctly.

We have 4 different modes at this stage and advanced settings.

Pre-set modes

  • In the zone: force increment = 0
  • for when you never want the weight to get heavier than the weight you put in at the start
  • great for high intensity training or glute workouts with the ankle strap where you cannot go super heavy
  • Great if you are weaker in a certain movement
  • Ramping up:
    • Force increment = 1kg / 2.2. lb
    • For a quicker hit at the top
    • For when you want to get to the max force quicker and not wait around at the top of the movement
    • Great for heavier training
    • Not as intense as beast-mode
  • Beast mode (heavy progressive overload):
    • force increment/decrement = 6.6 lbs/rep, 3 kg
    • Higher ramp up rate
    • Higher force increment
    • Hit heavy weights quicker hence beast mode
    • Great if you really want to challenge yourself
  • Eccentric only (focus on negative range of motion):
    • force increment/decrement =4.4 lbs/rep, ramp up rate 33 lbs/s, ramp down 55 lbs/s
    • Fast ram down rate
    • Feel the weight come of super quick at the bottom
    • Making your concentric phase super light
    • Great to get stronger overall

Our classes are all between 10 to 30 minutes but you can design your own workouts too!

It’s really up to you how long you want to train. However, given that you can overload your eccentric we discovered that you can get away with shorter workouts and the same muscle activation

We are working on locations around the world so you can try the V-Form Trainer. Until then, the best thing to do is book a demos and ask all your questions. If you are in Perth, you are more than welcome to come into the studio.