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Eccentric Training Outshines Conventional Training in Recent Study

Eccentric Training Outshines Conventional Training in Recent Study
Eccentric Training Outshines Conventional Training in Recent Study

In the world of sports and fitness, new and improved ways of training are always popping up. In the fitness world, eccentric training versus conventional methods has been a hot topic - and for good reason. 

It's like comparing two different strategies in a game. Eccentric training emphasizes the lengthening phase of muscle contractions, while conventional training focuses on the shortening phase. 

As of late, eccentric training has shown promise in taking athletic performance to new heights. 

Unfortunately, it can be a bit tricky to incorporate into a traditional workout routine. At the very least, it requires an extra set of hands to remove load during the concentric phase of an exercise.

That’s exactly why we created the Trainer+. It’s designed specifically to simplify and maximize this type of training, in order to stimulate the most muscle growth possible. 

The Vitruvian Trainer+ In A Nutshell

For those new here, the Trainer+ is our smart home gym — a digital machine that allows you to push and pull in different ways, from the comfort of almost anywhere.

That’s not even the best part. Our AI-powered technology is designed to observe just how fast and how hard you're pushing or pulling, in order to react in real-time. In applicable modes, it will adjust your weights throughout every phase of every exercise, so that you remain accountable to safe, progressive overload. 

Now, you can imagine the advantage of adaptive resistance, when it comes to eccentric training. 

We all have a greater capacity for load during the eccentric phase, so when you select an adaptive mode like Time Under Tension, by nature, you’ll find yourself lowering down more than you can lift up (no spotter required!). 

Choose Eccentric Only mode, however, and you’ll focus entirely on this phase and your capacity during it. Consider all weights removed on the concentric phase, so you can hone in on the single phase of exercise where the most value-for-effort lies.

This is all well and good coming from us, but we get it— we probably sound a bit biased. It’s easy to promote eccentric training, when we pride ourselves on our eccentric training machine. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the recent study that proves that our interest in eccentric training is a) well-founded, and b) well-executed. 

The Study

To really put eccentric training on the Trainer+ to the test, a thorough study was conducted with 32 college-level male basketball players.

Every single player completed an intensive 6-week program without missing a session. The catch? Only one group performed accentuated eccentric training, where they maximize their capacity for greater load during this phase. The other group trained as usual, without accentuating effort during this phase. 

At the end, both groups saw massive improvements in their 1-rep max, jump height, and ability to push away from the ground (explosive power). 

However, the group that emphasized eccentric training methods outperformed the other group in every aspect.

When it came to raw strength (1-RM), the eccentric training group showed far greater progress compared to the standard training group — as if they unlocked an entirely new level of power. 

In terms of how high they could jump, and how explosively they could move, again, the eccentric training group showed a remarkable edge.

So, what does this study suggest?

Well, it demonstrates that eccentric training methods could be a superior way to enhance strength, power, and performance. Earlier studies indicated the same to be true within traditional gym environments. Now we have even further confirmation that this translates to digital weight training too. 

Key Takeaways

  • With accentuated eccentric training, you have the ability to achieve greater power and performance compared to conventional methods. 

  • The group leveraging eccentric training methods with the Trainer+ performed at higher levels across a variety of exercises, including lifting heavy weights once (1-RM), and jumping higher.

  • Performing eccentric training both properly and effectively is difficult with conventional weights. This is why the Trainer+ is so advantageous. It makes one of the most effective training methods, both accessible and scalable. That’s whether you’re in an adaptive mode like Time Under Tension, or purely focusing on eccentric overload in Eccentric Only mode. 


The bottom line is this: eccentric training is indeed the most optimal way to improve power and performance, and with the Trainer+, you have an easy, reliable way to do that.

It’s like having your own personal coach who knows exactly how to build your training program in order to give you that extra edge at all times. 

If you're looking to up your game, you should certainly consider eccentric training on the Trainer+. Haven’t ordered yours yet? Shop the Trainer+ now.