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Sam Dancer Announced Fittest Man on Earth at CF Games 2023

Sam Dancer Announced Fittest Man on Earth at CF Games 2023
Sam Dancer Announced Fittest Man on Earth at CF Games 2023

In what we’d most definitely call a triumphant return to the arena, Sam Dancer, 6x CrossFit Games champion and Vitruvian athlete and coach, has solidified his status as the Fittest Man on Earth in the 35-39 age category at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games!

Congratulations, Sam. You’ve done us proud. 

Having withdrawn from the Games last year due to a bicep injury, Sam made a resounding comeback, finishing the competition an astounding 70 points ahead of his closest competitor, Greece’s Ioannis Papadopoulos. 

What an achievement! 

Controlling the lead from the very beginning, Sam demonstrated incredible strength, skill, and resilience — all after a challenging year of rehabilitation. Sam is living proof that setbacks are merely opportunities for major comebacks. 

His secret to never throwing in the towel? 

“Find what you love, and let that passion be your driving force. Your fitness journey is uniquely yours, and it should be a source of personal joy and fulfillment, irrespective of external comparisons or expectations.” 

You’ve heard the why… no doubt you’re also interested in the “how” behind his success. As mentioned, Sam is a Vitruvian athlete and coach, who relies heavily on the Trainer+ to prepare for elite-level competitions.

The Trainer+ allows Sam to optimize his workouts with a level of precision that simply can’t be matched by conventional training methods. The Trainer+ doesn't rely on guesswork, after all. It offers scientifically validated metrics and personalized recommendations for every stage of every lift, allowing Sam to push his boundaries while minimizing his risk of injury. 

As we all know, recurring injuries are often the reason that high-level athletes never reach their full potential. The best in the world recognize Vitruvian as a pivotal tool in their pursuit of peak performance, and Sam is no exception. 

If you’re eager to learn from Sam’s smart approach to training, you’re in luck. Sam's meticulously crafted “Power Program” is officially available in the Vitruvian app! 

This program embodies Sam’s immense level of experience, and too, his utter dedication to his sport. This is your opportunity to mimic the techniques and strategies that have propelled Sam to where he is today… kicking ass and taking names. 

With the Power Program, you can embark on your own transformative fitness journey, tapping into the expertise of one of the most accomplished athletes in the field. 

After earning the title of Fittest Man on Earth (35-39), Sam announced his intention for next season — to transition from masters over to the individual division. It’s a move eagerly anticipated by his fans and fellow athletes alike.

Just think. By the next games, you could be a force to be reckoned with, too.