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The Trainer+ Officially Named a “Tech Necessity” For Marathon Runners

The Trainer+ Officially Named a “Tech Necessity” For Marathon Runners
The Trainer+ Officially Named a “Tech Necessity” For Marathon Runners

We're thrilled to share that Vitruvian’s Trainer+ just got a cheeky feature in Innovation & Tech Today's "Marathon Tech Necessities to Gear Up for Success”, with insights provided by Ironman David Wallach.

Innovation & Tech Today is a popular media outlet that focuses on the intersection of technology, innovation, and lifestyle. They cover a wide range of topics including the latest in tech trends, innovations in various industries, and how technology impacts our daily lives.

In their recent article, David shed a fresh perspective on how we’re shaking up the home fitness scene, and enabling runners to prioritize something they usually struggle to balance. 

That’s right. Strength-training.

Dive into the full article right here.

In this candid piece, David gets real about the nitty-gritty reality of marathon preparation. Beyond building a foundation of endurance, strength-training is crucial for preparing your legs (especially the knees!) for the high-impact nature of running. Plus, it’s vital for strengthening your core, shoulders, chest, and arms to sustain good form during this long-haul event.

Neglecting strength work? 

Well, according to David, that's a recipe for some marathon misery.

We couldn't agree more.

When it comes to home gyms, David’s had his fair share of gym gadgets, so when the Trainer+ landed on his doorstep, he was ready to give it a whirl.

And a whirl he gave it. His response?

"It’s not just another smart home gym. It easily dethrones Tonal as the home gym champion."

We’ll take that. 

David also applauded the knack of the Trainer+ for knowing exactly when to up the ante or ease off, providing a workout tailored just for you.

“It's intelligent weight that adapts to you as you’re exercising, using a high-tech system of cables and tension to beat you into the ground and make you better at the same time. Whether you’re feeling fired up or fatigued, the Trainer+ knows exactly when to increase or reduce the load to give you the best workout experience possible."

Right on. That certainly sounds like the Trainer+.

Exploring the complete depths of our digital weights machine, David, of course, trialed our full range  of training modes. From Time Under Tension to Pump, Eccentric Only, and Old School, he found that each mode brings a unique twist to your strength workout.

Not only that, David also tipped his hat to the machine’s sleek build and hidden wheels.

"The Trainer+ boasts a reinforced carbon fiber shell, ensuring its durability and longevity. Its slim design and recessed wheels make it easy to store safely and out of the way without taking up too much space."

Yup. Definitely the Trainer+. 

Key Takeaways

It’s safe to say David Wallach's review of the Trainer+ amplifies our commitment to excellence and our mission to redefine home fitness — for both everyday athletes, yes, but also for aspiring and elite endurance athletes. 

Getting a thumbs up from Innovation & Tech Today is something we're pretty proud of. After all, we’re data geeks ourselves, so we appreciate a thorough evaluation! 

Gearing up for your first marathon? Or simply looking to gain an edge on your previous PB? It’s time to give the Trainer+ a try for yourself.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences below or reach out, if you have any further questions!