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Your Next Level Fitness Partner for 2024: Vitruvian Trainer+

Your Next Level Fitness Partner for 2024: Vitruvian Trainer+
Your Next Level Fitness Partner for 2024: Vitruvian Trainer+

As we look forward to embracing the challenges and triumphs of the new year, there's no better time to gear up for a transformative fitness journey in 2024.
No plan yet? No worries. That’s why you’re reading this blog.
Vitruvian is here to help you reach the Next Level, whether you’re training for strength, muscle mass, or even recovering from an injury.
Unsure where to start? Let’s walk through it together.

1. It All Starts With The Trainer+

If you've pondered upgrading your fitness routine, chances are you've already dreamt of a streamlined setup that eliminates the wait for a barbell or the need for clunky dumbbells that occupy half your home gym.

Enter the Trainer+.

Our smart home gym wasn't just born out of necessity; it emerged to tackle these exact issues — and some.

The Trainer+ features patented technology that hands you the perfect weight for every phase of every exercise. It diligently tracks your movements, assessing them 1000 times per second, dynamically adapting the weight to suit your capabilities at every phase of an exercise.

Not to mention, it offers complete workout guidance, and monitors your progression.

Regardless of your energy levels, whether you're full of vitality or feeling fatigued, the Trainer+ precisely gauges the ideal moments for adjusting your load, guaranteeing an optimal workout with each session.

With a range of 0-440lb (200kg) in digital weights, its adaptive functionality swiftly adjusts to push your limits or ease off when necessary.

Now, just imagine the sheer acceleration of progress when every movement is optimized; when there's no lag between deciding to push harder and the weight instantly adjusting to meet your capacity.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how the Trainer+ can assist your specific fitness goals…

1. Fat Loss
Strength training is one of the most effective methods for pursuing fat loss goals, as it supports muscle growth and retention. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat tissue, meaning that the more muscle you have, the higher your daily energy expenditure.

For those aiming to shed pounds in 2024, the Trainer+ provides a dynamic platform for effective strength workouts. Its digital weight range allows for precise adjustments, facilitating gradual progress.

Access to expert guidance and classes from our incredible coaches within the Vitruvian App also supports targeted routines tailored to your fat loss goals.

2. Muscle Building and Strength Gain
Seeking to pack on pure muscle and boost strength in 2024?

Look no further. Beyond conventional resistance training, The Trainer+ allows us to maximize the complete benefits of eccentric training, a game-changer for achieving Next Level muscle growth and strength.

Eccentric training refers to the phase where the muscles lengthen under tension– also the phase in which the muscles are able to bear the most load. When we maximize this opportunity for micro-progressions, we can see major results.

It’s possible to perform eccentric training in an ordinary gym environment, but as you can imagine, it’s very difficult to execute.

Beyond the ease of access to eccentric training, our Pro Kit is another groundbreaker for pursuing Next Level strength gains. Accessories like the Long Bar and Bench, cater to diverse muscle groups, fostering a comprehensive strength-building regimen.

But we’ll dive into that a bit later.

3. Endurance and Athletic Performance
Enhancing endurance and overall athletic performance becomes seamless with the Trainer+, and that’s down to precise digital weight control.

This feature allows for incremental volume increases, which are crucial for endurance gains. With meticulous weight adjustments, users can strategically increase their load with reduced risk of injury.

Hint: rapid load increase is typically what hinders endurance athletes, runners especially, from reaching the Next Level.

See what’s possible when you address this common barrier.

4. Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention
Those recovering from injuries or aiming to prevent them (AKA all of us!) stand to benefit immensely from the Trainer+. Its intelligent weight adjustments and safety features ensure controlled, injury-minimizing workouts.

It prioritizes user safety at every step.

Adaptability to individual capabilities adds security, while space assessment and stable setups minimize risks. Emphasis on form, progressive training, and trainer support all work together to ensure a guided, safe workout experience.

The Trainer+ also aids in rehabilitation by providing gradual resistance suitable for evolving recovery routines.

5. General Fitness and Wellness
We get it, not all of us are trying to chase elite fitness goals. Some of us are simply hoping to improve our overall fitness and wellbeing, boosting our quality of life, our health and longevity.

The versatility and adaptability of the Trainer+ means you can balance both cardiovascular goals for heart health, as well as strength goals for sustained bone density and muscle mass as you age.

We’re proud to encourage a completely holistic approach to health, fitness, and wellness.

Added Extras

The Trainer+ already comes equipped with a number of essential accessories, but you can enhance your workout experience anytime by recruiting some elite extras.

Those looking to take their digital home gym to the Next Level can do so by adding these items to their shopping list:

2. Entry Kit: The Ideal Starter Pack

Behold, the Entry Kit.

This comprehensive kit includes essentials such as the Long Bar, Tricep Rope, Premium Handles, Workout Mat, and Safety Cables.

With this unique set of accessories, your workout possibilities are finally as expansive as your fitness ambitions. The Long Bar opens doors to full-body strength training, enabling exercises like deadlifts, squats, and rows for a robust muscular foundation.

The Tricep Rope supports targeted arm and shoulder workouts, enhancing muscle definition and strength. Meanwhile, the Premium Handles offer versatile grip variations for exercises like chest presses, bicep curls, and lateral raises, refining muscle tone and endurance.

Lay down the Workout Mat for comfort during floor exercises, core workouts, or yoga sessions, fostering flexibility and stability.

Lastly, the Safety Cables ensure secure and controlled movements, supporting various exercises with added safety and confidence.

3. Pro Kit: Maximize Workout Versatility

For those wanting to up the ante even further, get after the Pro Kit.

The Pro Kit complements the Trainer+ with an array of accessories, offering enhanced exercise options and Next Level optimization.

It comes with a Long Bar for versatile workouts, a Short Bar facilitating single cable exercises, Pump Handles for swift upper body movements, and a Tech Mat featuring markings for precise foot placement.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also find our new and improved bench – foldable for easy storage under your bed, portable for on-the-go workouts, and compact while increasing your exercise capabilities. The bench includes built-in accessory storage to ensure every workout is smart and clutter-free.

In your Pro Kit, you’ve also got a supportive Belt for heavy lifting and rehab, and of course, your Safety Cables and Tricep Rope.

While the Entry Kit lays the foundation with essential tools like the Long Bar and Tricep Rope, the Pro Kit unlocks a whole new level of training. With the Short Bar, you’re able to target specific muscle groups easily, and effectively.

Meanwhile, the Pump Handles enable dynamic upper body moves, and your Tech Mat is there to guide your form to perfection.

With a versatile Bench for countless exercise variations and a supportive Belt for heavy lifting or rehab, you've really got yourself a complete gym in a compact package. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out, the Pro Kit empowers you to push to your limits with confidence and precision.

In summary, it’s the ideal solution for anyone looking to take 2024 to the Next Level.

Unleash Your 2024 with the Vitruvian Trainer+

The verdict is in. As we gear up for 2024, the Vitruvian Trainer+ is certainly the ultimate fitness companion, and when paired with the Entry Kit or Pro Kit, it becomes a powerhouse for a diverse range of fitness goals.

Whether you're aiming for fat loss, muscle gain, endurance, rehabilitation, or overall wellness, the Trainer+ along with the Vitruvian App caters to every ambition.

It's not just equipment; it's a partner in taking you to the Next Level.

Embrace its capabilities, push boundaries, and let’s make 2024 a year of unparalleled fitness achievements with the Trainer+ by your side.