Let’s put the perfect weight in your hands.

Vitruvian trainer+


Ships 6 weeks after order.

Trainer+ Package










From 104AUD/month with plus monthly membership.

From $78/month with plus monthly membership.

From $93/mo with plus monthly membership

+ Optional All Access Membership

  • Trainer+
  • Basic Handles
  • Ankle Straps
Voltage US, Canada, and Japan orders will run on 110 volts. For the rest of the world, the Trainer+ runs on 220–240 volts.
Max power 1000 Watts
Weight of device 38 kg/80 lb
Transport Wheels and handle on one end
Resistance weight range 0kg/0lb to 200kg/440lb
Connectivity Bluetooth protocol; requires the Vitruvian App to function (compatible with Apple or Android)
Materials Extruded aluminum frame, carbon fibre shell
Dimensions 1170x520x115mm

The monthly All Access Membership fee activates the owner’s Trainer+. You’ll access all app and hardware functions and benefits, including all future new features.

Just one membership is required per machine. Each membership hosts unlimited user profiles, so family and friends can step onto the Trainer+ and pick up directly where they left off!

Simply scan the QR code to gain access to ALL app features and to train in accordance with your unique capability, past performance and individual fitness goals.

You can still use your Trainer+ for self-generated workouts without an All Access Membership, however, access to app features outside of basic workout functionality is restricted.

Accessory Kits sold separately
Entry Kit










  • Premium Handles
  • Long Bar
  • Tricep Rope
  • Workout Mat
  • Safety Cables
Pro Kit










  • Long Bar
  • Short Bar
  • Premium Handles
  • Bench
  • Belt
  • Workout Mat
  • Rope
  • Safety Cables
Individual Accessories


The monthly membership fee activates a Trainer+ and All Access Membership, unlocking the entire current range of features and benefits, and all future new features.

Only one active All Access Membership is required for each Trainer+. This means that unlimited additional users can work out on the activated hardware using the App with their own profile.

The Trainer+ will work without an All Access Membership and still give you a better workout than all the dumbbells, kettlebells and cable machines in the world (and those you can’t fit under your bed!). You will feel the adaptive weight and eccentric overloading, however, your workouts will all be self-directed.

It’s the All Access Membership that gives you access to all class and form content, custom workout creation, goal-oriented programs, data tracking and performance insights, leaderboard activity, team building, games and more.

Yes, you can! Only one active All Access Membership is required to activate a Trainer+. For as long as the monthly All Access Membership is paid, you can have as many memberships using the hardware as you like for no additional cost. All they need is the Vitruvian App on their own device, with their own profile.

Anyone can download the Vitruvian App for free. In order to work out and access the full range of features, you just need to connect to an activated Trainer+.

A Trainer+ is activated by a monthly All Access Membership that is normally paid by the owner, but can be taken care of by anyone. Only one All Access Membership is required per machine. It can have as many users as you like and they simply access all the features via the Vitruvian App on their device, with their own profile, for no cost.

The All Access Membership is USD$39, AUD$49, £29, €34 or equivalent to USD$39 in your country. Contact us via support@vitruvianform.com for more information or the chat box at the bottom of your screen.

The Trainer+ can generate resistance force from 5kg/11lb up to 180kg/400lbs, while the Trainer+ can generate from 0kg/0lb up to 200kg/440lbs. This is the total weight load supplied by the two cables. Each cable is capped at 90kg/180lb – and 100kg/220lb for this Trainer+ – and this is limited for 20 seconds before the weight will start to de-load. While this is more than enough weight for most people, if you’re used to lifting heavy, you should know that Vitruvian weight feels much heavier than static weight, as you have no momentum at all to help you through the rough patches!

If you aren’t satisfied with your Vitruvian purchase, get in touch within 30 days of delivery to advise us that you want to return it. You will need to have had an onboarding session and you will need to take care of the shipping cost, but we can help you organise it. You will also need to have kept the entire original packaging and ensure that the product is in original as-new condition.

Customer reviews

  • From 104AUD monthly for the hardware, over 36 months
  • 49AUD monthly for the All Access Membership, enabling access to the Vitruvian App,  over 12 months
  • 10% upfront deposit
  • Minimum $2000 total purchase
  • After 12 months, you can cancel your All Access Membership at any time. You will be able to use basic workout functionality without a subscription.
  • You will not be charged until your order is shipped