Every movement, calculated

Vitruvian app

intuitive algorithm

Vitruvian’s adaptive technology works in tandem with you.

It loads up the perfect weight and backs off at just the right time, ensuring that every rep is exactly what your body needs to excel.

The Trainer+’s algorithm syncs with Vitruvian App to deliver the most efficient workout you can possibly get.

maximized results

The Vitruvian App is your personal trainer, spotter and progress diary in one. Tracking progress via notebooks and spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Simply rely on the Vitruvian App to record your data, provide personal records and motivate you through visible micro-gains.

workout library

Design your own workouts from over 200 targeted exercises, or take classes created by certified coaches that suit your specific goals. The Vitruvian App simplifies training – you don’t need thousands of options, you only need access to straightforward info and coaching to find your perfect form.

Full In-Home Solution

You can do everything with the Trainer+ that you would do with a squat rack – and you can’t store the squat rack under your bed. Train like no-one’s watching or share it with the whole family. Save the gym commute time, stream your workouts to the TV and have your favourite coaches on call, at home, 24/7.

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The machine works for self-generated workouts without a membership, but to get the most out of it, the $39 USD/month $49 AUD/month €34/month £29/month $49 SGD/month All Access Membership is required.

Just one membership is needed per machine. Each membership hosts unlimited user profiles, so family and friends can step onto the Trainer+ and pick up directly where they left off! Simply scan the QR code to gain access to ALL app features and to train in accordance with your unique capability, past performance and individual fitness goals.

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